Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Dwayne "DJay" Snead (Bensalem, PA) Entry #3

“Not only is there more to Life than Basketball, there’s a lot more to Basketball than Basketball.” ~ Phil Jackson 

Hola Basketball Spotlight World, 

It’s ya boy DJay Snead, and I’m back with my 3rd submission of Diary of a Baller. This week was pretty solid. I was able to put in extra work for basketball and lacrosse. I hope that you like this week’s submission!! Sunday ~ Around 10:00 a.m. I woke up. I went to make myself some breakfast, and I had Captain Crunch with almond milk. That was “bussin bussin,” but after I ate I finished 100 pushups, and 200 calf raises. I had a training session at 11:00 a.m. with Coach Ross. Today was a little slower than usual, but working on my bounce, speed, and stamina was the focus point for this session. I had a training session with Jared, and we worked on conditioning and shooting. I worked on 3’s, mid-range, drills like the Ray Allen drill, etc. When I got home, I took a nap. When I woke up I played Roblox with my little brother and our cousins. Then I finished the rest of my pushups and calf raises after eating dinner. I hopped on the game with my friends for the rest of the night. We played Call of Duty “COD” and NBA 2k21. I was giving them smoke in 2k, and I had to carry them in COD. When my friends started to get off the game, I did the same and watched highlights of Deashun Ruffin. 

Monday ~ It’s the start of online school this week. I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning then proceeded to make myself some toast for breakfast. After I finished eating, I started to work on my handles and I was freestyling while listening to music. I would match the different beats of the song that came on, and did various moves to match the beat. Once school was over, I left the house, so I could get to lacrosse practice. We put in our formation today since we have a game coming up next Tuesday. Working on our formation was the highlight of practice. While we were working on our formation we were able to play live. I got home, then went outside to work on some basketball combos. While I was outside, some friends in my neighborhood came through and wanted to chill. We talked for a while and then they left and I got back to working on my combos. When my mom got home from the store, I went inside to help out for dinner. After cooking with my mom, I ate dinner, then started to play MLB The Show 21. I never played a baseball game before, but MLB looked fun so I played it and I actually like it. Once I got off the game, I did the dishes before going to bed. I finished the rest of my push ups and calf raises then I was off to bed! 

Tuesday ~ Once I woke up, I did my 100 pushups, and 200 calf raises. I made myself some breakfast before getting ready to workout before school. I was working on my handles. I decided to dribble with my eyes closed and use my PowerHandz, so that I can continue to get better at having control on the ball. Overall, school was sorta fun today, but Lacrosse practice was different today. We had the Varsity Head Coach and the Varsity Defensive Coordinator run practice. It was very competitive, and I loved practice today. We got word that the school we are playing next week is the Hun School. I had offseason varsity workouts with our outside trainer after lacrosse. During workouts we worked on PNR series and getting shots up out of the sets. I worked out with the weighted ball during ball handling drills, and I used a ball that has a different pressure point. When I dribbled the ball, it felt as if the ball bounced away from me and tried to run away. It works on controlling the ball and the ball actually felt lighter than a regulation ball. I got home around 8 o’clock, then I showered, ate my dinner and chilled watching the Nets play against the Pelicans. While watching the game, I finished my calf raises and my pushups. I finished off my night by watching some Netflix. 

Wednesday ~ I did my usual in the morning. I worked on my combos, and my touch with 2 ball drills. I try to stick to my workout schedule as much as possible so that I optimize my training. I had a half day at school, so classes ended early. After class, I got my stuff ready for workouts later today. I started to work on my shooting form for basketball while watching Netflix in my room. After I worked on my shooting form, I switched to working on my shooting form for lacrosse. Workouts were very competitive, but fun. I got a chance to work with some bigger guards, and learn what moves work on them, so I can implement them in game play. After workouts, I went to visit my cousin who I haven’t seen in a while. We dropped off some of our sea moss/elderberry syrup so they could try it out. After that, I got home around 8:00 p.m. I got in the shower then ate Chick-fil-A for dinner, and I had a Spicy Chicken Sandwich deluxe with fries. I had a frosted lemonade to finish off dinner. While watching the Grizzlies play the Clippers, I finished the rest of my calf raises and my pushups. I chilled in my room on the phone with my friends, then went to bed afterwards. 

Thursday ~ I slept in today until about 7:30 a.m. I didn’t have training this morning, so I decided to sleep in for an extra two hours. That extra two hours of sleep was needed, “LOL”. After school and practice, I stayed to put some shots up on the gun, and work on my handles. I shot 78% on the gun, which was a total of 390 makes out of 500 shot attempts. I worked on my three’s around the perimeter. I will say today was a very successful day. Inside the house, I worked more on my ball handling before going to bed. I did my calf raises, and the rest of my pushups while watching the Sixers play. The Sixers lost, but I had to hear my friends trash talk about how the Sixers are just all hype. I was watching tv with my little brother until it was time for bed. 

Friday ~ I did my usual when I woke up. I had Captain Crunch, and some OJ for breakfast. When I finished eating I did my pushups then my calf raises. I logged onto online school after taking out my dog. I went outside and worked on my handling after my classes were finished. I worked on my transition combinations, and my change of speed. I spent 1 hour working on those. After lacrosse practice, I went to the gym, and got shots up using the gun. As I was shooting, my friend who is on the Girls Varsity team came in and we put up shots together. We played games to see who could shoot better, and it was fun, but I had to show her who was BOSS. When I got home I got in the shower, then did the rest of my chores, and calf raises. My brother and I had pizza for dinner, then I spent some time with him. He showed me some new moves in a game he is into, Naruto. After he showed me the new moves he learned, I taught him how to play MLB, so we can play tomorrow. I finished my night by having a small bowl of ice cream while watching YouTube. 

Saturday ~ I was waiting for today. It was the second session of the NYC Invitational. Once I did everything that I needed to do, I turned on the games. While my mom was making lunch, I scared her because of me screaming. I was screaming because while watching the 15U play in the NYC Invitational I saw a nasty dunk, and I said “HEYYYY” My mom came running in my room, and said “Boy what’s wrong with you, why are you doing all of that screaming!” I laughed, and said “sorry mom, but you’ll know why I screamed.” I rewinded the live, and showed my mom the dunk. She was hype herself about the dunk. My dad had taken my dog to go get his rabies and other shots, so once he came back we went to my session with Jared. We worked on conditioning again today, and "Yo" was I tired. I couldn’t feel my legs after workouts. My dad and I stopped at Wawa after training, and I had to get some body armour to replenish from workouts. Man, it felt like I had demolished all of my body water during training. Wow, what a day!! Later on in the evening, my little brother Christian and I decided that we wanted to eat turkey burgers for dinner. I helped my mom make the turkey burgers, then I watched the 17U NY Rens play against the NY Gauchos. If you didn’t know already, this weekend was the Hoop Group’s Pittsburgh Jam Fest Tournament for 15U-17U. The committed team list was crazy loaded. My dad purchased the live streaming so we can watch the games. We watch so many games after games, even games that were played on Friday. By the time I finished watching the games with my dad, I went to go play the game with my little brother before going to bed. I made Christian and I a Neapolitan milkshake before we both got into bed. 


Signing off for week #3, see you guys next week on Diary of a Baller ~ The way DJay does it!!