Wednesday, January 1, 2020

J.E.M. Holiday Classic (Love Division) Recap: TCA Hangs The Banner!

Trenton Catholic Academy

Trenton Catholic Academy had three players in double figures (Maxey 16, Fusik 13 and Sorber 10) as they defeated Foundation Academy 65-50 to win the J.E.M. Holiday Classic (Love Division)(Love Championship. Kabrien Goss finished with 22 points for Foundation in the loss. 

J.E.M. Holiday Classic Top Performers (Love Division)

MVP - Deuce Maxey Guard (TCA)- Maxey started early and didn’t let up. He scored in transition and attacking from the top of the zone. He played downhill all weekend putting tremendous pressure on the defense. He’s a big guard and plays like one. He had a great showing on his home court.
Thomas Sorber Forward (TCA)- Sorber used his size to the glass with 16 rebounds. He gave his teammates and himself numerous second chances at the cup. He chipped in 10 markers on put backs and a few nice post moves. He finished on the All Tournament Team.
Jordan Fusik Guard (TCA)- Foundation Academy made a good run to close the gap then Fusik stretched it again by banging home three treys. He had his confidence flowing during the second half. His buckets gave them the momentum to grab the banner.
Domenic Raymond Forward (TCA)- Raymond helped Sorber on the glass. He crashed the weak side and also had a few putbacks. It’s extremely hard to hit the glass against these two forwards. Raymond finished with 9 markers.
Kabrien Goss Guard (Foundation Academy)- Goss was tremendous in the fire as he was a blur from end to end. Kabrien sliced through the defense like a hot knife through butter. Double teams and traps didn’t help as he finished with 22 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. He had his scoring flowing from all three levels.
Isaiah Barthold Guard (Foundation Academy)- Isaiah scored 14 points and played big during the finals. He drained two treys while using his size and strength to score in traffic. He’s able to absorb contact and still get the shot off. His stroke is going to make his name known on the high school level.
Brazil Clark Guard (Foundation Academy)- Clark gave Foundation a spark as they made their run. He made a couple of tough shots in transition. I like how he brough a lot of energy on the floor. He finished with 6 points.
Edwin Hall Guard (Foundation Academy)- Hall was very active in the backcourt. He handled some of the ball handling duties in terms of breaking the traps and making things happen. He finished with 6 points in the loss.