Monday, November 4, 2019

My Camp Experience Feat: Kabrien Goss (Trenton, NJ)

Kabrien Goss

Kabrien Goss is an 8th Grader at Foundation Academy in Trenton, NJ. He took a trip down to the CP3 Combine and has decided to share his experience with Basketball Spotlight. 

My Camp Experience Feat: Kabrien Goss 


I didn’t really know what to expect going into the CP3 Camp. All I knew was I had to show out and kill that stood in front of me. Friday was the chill day and happened to be check in. They really made me feel like an NBA player at the combine taking things like my height, weight, vertical and pictures. Besides it being cold in the gym, Friday was easy. I was also able to network with diverse players from all over the country which made me first day more exciting. 


Saturday morning, I woke up anxious, ready to display my talent and see my competition. I went at everyone that stepped in front of me finished every game with a least a double-double. My first game a notched a camp high 38 points and dropped another 22 points in the second game. The last game was the most exciting while playing against players I knew. I finished the game with 28 points, 15 steals and 12 assists. 


Sunday was different. My game was at 11:20 and based off experience from other camps, Sunday is usually just a day with games and no drills. But at the CP3 Camp we did drills to start the day off. I was feeling tight and stiff but after drills came to games. I ended my game with 25 points and waited for the all-star teams to be announced. The All Star game was different, considering there was a top 40 game and a top 20 game for the Class of 2024. I was blessed to be selected for the Top 20 game and finished with 9 points. 

Overall, my experience at the combine was very exciting. Now it’s time to hit the road for the long car ride and get ready for school. I will be back in the gym tomorrow.