Saturday, November 2, 2019

8th Grade Seminar/Showcase Top Performers Part 1 (Duke & Rutgers)

Jaylen Clagett

The Inaugural Basketball Spotlight 8th Grade Seminar/Showcase took place at Life Center Academy. This event featured sixty 8th Graders that also received some off the court lessons. Here is our first look at the top performers from this event. 

8th Grade Seminar/Showcase Top Performers Part 1 

Jaylen Clagett Guard (North Brunswick, NJ)- Clagett has put together back to back good Spotlight performances. Today he had his way when hitting the hole with scoring opportunities. His used his size, quickness and scoring prowess to get the job done. He has a pretty floater and finishes at the tin very well. I like what I saw out of him.

Phillip Unangst Forward (Hillsborough, NJ)- A soft touch and good skillset was this kids’ weapons in his arsenal. I like his size and willingness to block shots and battle on the boards for opportunities. He can hit you with the face up jumper and score along the baseline. He showed some good flashes.
Khalid Jenkins Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- You would think he is a full back before you try to guard him and end up on your heels. Jenkins has some serious boogie in his game and a quick trigger from the outside and mid-range areas. He can either score or drop a serious dime once entering the lane. This kid’s handle will keep you on your toes.
Amir Speights Forward (Clementon, NJ)- When it’s all said and done Speights might climb the charts and be one of the best out of this event. His length is a great asset on both ends of the floor. On defense he can guard several positions and grab some caroms. Check him out in about two years.
Mahdee McNair Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- McNair wasn’t glaring dominant but I can see some of qualities in his game. He maneuvers with the rock in his hands getting dribbling past defenders and dropping dimes. Hopefully we can see more from him down the road.
Jeff White Jr. Forward (Trenton, NJ)- White Jr. showed dominance on the post and also let us see his range from trey land. He’s a banger and times but also seems to be venturing out to the perimeter and putting it on the deck. This is important for him to develop as he hits the high school level. As long as he plays with this same energy, he should be good.
Jaden Barnett Guard (Elizabeth, NJ)- Barnett had a great day scoring the rock. The combo guard has some point guard instincts but is just wired to score. He was a monster in transition and scored in bunches. High school coaches if you are looking for a pure scorer you might have it in this kid.
Allyn Wright Guard (Windsor, CT)- Wright is a downhill driving guard with an array of moves and a slick handle. Once gets to the second lane of defense he can either score himself or drop the pill off. He’s capable of putting together double moves which are also effective on this level. Hopefully we see him again at the Spotlight.
Talib Richburg Guard (Philadelphia, PA)- Talib is a primetime bucket getter. The southpaw has deep range along with the size to finish through contact. I love the confidence he displays in his game and his knack to score. Something tells me we haven’t heard the end from this kid.
Damien Bennett Guard (East Meadow, NY)- Bennett was outstanding once he got going. He plays at an urgent pace while being able to score and be a playmaker. The passion he displays will definitely make some high school happy on the next level. I wonder who he rocks with on the AAU circuit.
Elin McCoy Guard (Wilmington, DE)- McCoy is as crafty as they come. He also has some pop in his game. He gets rid of defenders off the bounce and plays with a very unselfish style. I see him becoming a legit floor general down the road.