Monday, August 5, 2019

Moody Park Middle School AAU Division Top 10 Players Performance Rankings!

Jeff White Jr.

Basketball Spotlight had the privilege to watch many games at the Moody Park Summer League and we feel that it’s the #1 summer league in the state in terms of their elementary and middle school divisions. Here’s a look at the Top 10 AAU Middle School players we seen this summer. Please remember this ranking is based on their performances when we saw them and is only our opinion. 

Moody Park Middle School AAU Division Top 10 Players 

1. Jeff White (BBall Spotlight)- White would been the MVP if an award was giving out. He changes the game when he is on the floor and the only game his squad lost was when he was away at Peach Jam. The southpaw closed out the season with dominating performances during the playoffs and championship. The scary part is he as another year on this level.

2. Quinyon McMillan (S/D&D Travel)- McMillan is a do it all baller. He plays hard on both ends. He scores, rebounds, blocks shots and will defend the best player on the other team. His energy and playing ability almost brought them a title home.
3. Davontay Hudson (BBall Spotlight)- Hudson was also a driving force for the champions. He’s wired to score especially when driving or in transition. I like how he absorbs contact and still finishes.
4. Naire Preston (K&D Express)- Preston team lost in the semi-finals but as usual he went down blazing. The combo guard can score in flurries and loves taking on a challenge. Preston stays in attack mode.
5. Stesher Mathelier (BBall Spotlight)- Stesher used his size to be dominant at times especially when he was making his layups. He made things difficult for the opponents when they were trying to convert near the cup. 

6. Kamal Archie (K&D Express)- Archer is a go getter. He bangs hard on the glass and will score when gets close. I love his athleticism and willingness to get the job done.
7. Domenic Raymond (TCA)- TCA made the final and Raymond played a big role in this process. He was confident when getting the ball in the post and making plays. I like his touch.
8. Amir Taylor (S/D&D Travel)- Taylor stepped up big for the runner up squad. He scored by getting into the lane and in transition. I also like the way he plays the other end of the floor.
9. Cale Maxey (TCA)- I like the way this youngster looked playing in the fire. He never seems to lose his poise and has good size and creativity. 

10. Erik Bush (S/D&D Travel)- I love this wing Bush. He has the basketball frame and very effective when the rock is in his hands. Mark my words if the switch cuts on for this kid he could blossom into something real.