Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Future Phenom Camp Awards: (Class of 2026)

Class of 2026 Champions (Tennessee)

The Class of 2026 gave us a look at some of the top baby ballers coming up. Here are the award winners from that class. 

Camp Champions (Tennessee)- Coach: Brian Goss, Team: Kyran Glover, Isaiah Gore, Jalen Grant, Rondel Jones, Jaeden Malloy, Anthony Mauro, Nasir Ralls, Jordan Skyers, Mickell Taylor, Justin Urey

Camp Top 6: Jordan Skyers, Jayden Johnson, Bryce Presley, Kahseem Bronzell, Patrick Otey, Semir Robertson
Camp Awards 

Best Teammate/Leader: Alex Mazzella 

Mr. Hustle: Aivaye Ingram 

Best Playmaker: Semir Robinson
Best Prospect: Jordan Skyers 

Best Defender: Darian Moore 

Best Shooter: Benjamin Edmonds