Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Diary Of A Baller: Jaquan Harris (North Brunswick, NJ) Entry #6

Jaquan Harris

What’s Up Basketball Spotlight World, It’s Jaquan Harris and I’m back with my Diary Of A Baller. Here’s how my week went 

Monday: Today the entire school were working on their individual Black History Month projects. For my project I ended up picking Malcolm X. I picked Malcolm X because I always knew what he wanted and he was a big impact on black culture and I wanted to learn more about him. So, after school I worked on it a little more then went to work in the gym. My high school career is approaching quickly so as that’s happening I’m going to be working as hard as I can so I can be prepared when it’s here. 

Tuesday: In school we did the same thing as yesterday working on our projects. When I got home I went on YouTube and a video popped up about motivation towards basketball. I related to it and some of the visuals in it I could see myself and it made me want to work harder. My mindset is always if I give up I’m going to be a waste of talent and I love basketball so there’s no way I’m giving up. Every game I play in my head I’m saying to the guy that’s guarding me I’m going to embarrass you in front of everybody until you switch and I’m going to do the same thing to the next guy, and it’s going to stay that way. 

Wednesday: We were a day away from having to present our projects to the important people in my school so I wanted to finish my project as soon as I can so I could look over it. Today I had double training so I had basketball and boxing. That meant I wasn’t going to have that much time to do my project but I was going to find some way to get it done. I was sore and tired from the 4 hours of training I went through but I got my project done before the night was over.  
Thursday: We presented our presentations during the day it went like I thought it would. I did good. It was good I got that off my head so now I can get back focused on the gym and getting better. I have to make a statement this year of who I am. This is the first year I’m getting noticed by a lot of people and I’m going to keep working so I will be talked about all over the place. I have a good feeling about my spring and summer of basketball it’s going to be a fun experience too. 

Friday: I went to my big brothers first Big-10 tournament game. They played Rutgers at Madison Square Garden. It was a good game but they fell short and lost so they are done for the season. It was a good experience to see the atmosphere of a big game like that. 

Saturday: I worked out early in the morning on my body. Trying to get as strong as I can for this summer and high school. Then in the afternoon we had 2 hours of basketball training. I also talked to my dad to get deeper into my high school situation but we get closer and closer every day. Once we make the decision I will be relieved. I know where I want to go but I still have to wait it out. 

Sunday: After all my training I went to my little brother playoff game. I always like watching him play but this game he went off. He’s in 5th grade but he plays 6th he had 30 points in the 2nd round of the playoffs for his team and got the win in a close game. I see myself in him so much. But when he gets older he’s going to be a problem. 

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