Thursday, July 13, 2017

Cruz Coming For The Crown At Future Phenom Camp!

Zion Cruz

After his play this season and the infamous Bleacher Report Article Zion Cruz name has become fire around the country. A few scouts feel like he’s the #1 guard in the Class of 2022. Now Cruz is going to cement his name by coming to the Future Phenom Camp to do battle. We saw veteran analyst Spencer Pulliam of Prep’s Insiders and he chimed in about Cruz. “When you think about his game, athleticism and upside he my pick as the top guard in the class right now.” Cruz currently holds the #21 spot in our national rankings but that’s surely to change in September. 

So basically Cruz will be battling the best in the country to let them know he’s truly the best guard in America. Stay tuned as we bring you more of the players in the country that will be attending the Future Phenom Camp in Boyd’s Maryland August 26th and 27th.