Tuesday, July 25, 2017

12U AAU Nationals Top Performers Part 2

Chris Lockett

The 12U AAU Nationals took place this past week and Basketball Spotlight was in the building. We were able to take in a few games and developed a list of top performers. Here is the first group of top performers. 

12U AAU Nationals Top Performers Part 2 

Chris Lockett Guard (Houston Blue Chips)- This instantly caught my eye as I walked past the court he was playing on. He has size and slick handle with play making ability beyond his years. He was able to get anywhere he wanted on the floor and finished with a bucket or spoon-feeding teammates. He was one of the most impressive guards I saw in Hampton.

Tyler Ringgold Forward (Houston Blue Chips)- In terms of upside this kid probably has one of the highest in the event. The lanky forward can operate well from the foul line in but can also put it on the deck. He’s also a problem on defense as he alters or blocks shots in his area. This is a name you will need to remember in years to come.
Wesley Yates Guard (Houston Blue Chips)- The big guard has a bully game when going to the cup but also possesses the craftiness to cross up defenders. Once he gets into the lane he can use body control and a nice touch to score the ball. He has unique feel for the game when he has the rock.
Davius Loury Forward (Made Men)- Loury is oozing with potential and displayed it at this event. He stretched out for buckets especially in transition. He as the serious size especially once he transfers to the wing which seems soon. Don’t be surprised if he becomes one of the top ranked players in the country.
Rich Barron Guard (Made Men)- Barron plays both guard positions well but will eventually settle in at the point. He showed a scoring prowess in a couple of outings in Hampton by using his strength and ability to get into the lane. He plays the game with the toughness Chicago is known for.
Jordan Ross Guard (Utah Elite)- Ross has some flair and poise that helps him stand out. It’s hard to speed him up or force him into turnovers. Once he gets going he can light up the scoreboard very quickly. He sets the tempo and makes sure everyone is involved. He’s a known name especially on the West Coast we can’t wait to get to the East.