Thursday, June 1, 2017

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers

Rahsool Diggins

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Division had some talent. Here’s a look at some of the top performers from the weekend in Neptune. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 8th Grade Top Performers 

Rahsool Diggins Guard (Team Final)- Diggins showed he has improved as a point guard in terms of decision making and making other people better. He got into the lane at will and created opportunities. I like his quickness and craftiness to get the job done. He knows how to mix up plays and get the job done.

Zaakir Williamson Forward (Team Final)- Williamson really impressed us with his ability to get the job done away from the basket. He was able breakdown defenders and score the rock on all three levels. I also like to way he maneuvers around shot blockers on the baseline and in the paint. He demonstrated top notch body control. He has totally transformed to the wing.
Christian Tomasco Forward (Team Final)- Tomasco showed he could hit the face up jumper and clean the glass for rebounds. On defense, he’s capable of blocking or altering shots. I like how he runs the floors and finishes off plays. He’s a prospect that you have to keep an eye.
Khalil Farmer Guard (Team Final)- Farmer is one of the best prospects on the floor. He has a lot of wiggle in his game. He has matured on the floor and has become a legit wing player. I like the way he finishes and plays both ends of the floor. He will be a player to watch from the Philly area.
Sam Fagan Guard (Jersey Force)- The point guard was perhaps the best shooter in the building. In the finals, he started the game by banging home 4 straight treys. The beauty of his game is that he doesn’t force the action or shots. He lets the game come to him but when burn you when needed. He definitely led the tourney in 3 point shots. He nailed 6 treys in the championship and finished with 24 markers.
Zachery Orrico Guard (Jersey Force)- Orrico plays the backcourt with Fagan and also has great range. He plays well with the drive and dish game and plays intense defense. He hit a couple of treys from the NBA range.
Michael White Forward (Jersey Force)- White is another shooter from the Jersey Force. He has a little more size than Fagan and Orrico. He caught fire in the semifinals by knocking down 4 treys and scoring 19 points to propel them into the finals.
Jack Savare Forward (Jersey Force)- Savare can go inside or out and be effective. He plays well from the midrange area but can also step behind the arc. He also was known to make it to the charity stripe over the weekend.