Friday, June 2, 2017

Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Top Performers

Zion Cruz

The Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Division probably had the most talent in the event. Here’s a look at the players that caught our eye at the Memorial Day Classic. 

Basketball Spotlight MDC 7th Grade Top Performers 

Zion Cruz Guard (Hilltoppers Heat)- After the Bleacher Report video entered this event with a lot of expectations and the 7th Grader delivered. He’s standing close to 6’2 and the explosiveness is very apparent. He was an instant scoring machine at times and showed off his improved athleticism. He’s beginning to separate himself from the pack and his new measuring stick has become national.

Chance Westry Guard (Hilltoppers Heat)- The silky-smooth wing was a pleasant surprise. He already has the size for the position and the game to match. He can score it from all three levels and get anywhere he wants on the floor. He has tons of potential ahead of him and will be one to watch. 

Dariq Whitehead Forward (Hilltoppers Heat)- Whitehead is without a doubt one of the best prospects on the country. He opened his game up during the MDC and even let us see his range. He’s one of the best finishers in the land by far. He finished with 18 points in the championship and kept his rep intact.

Jayden Pierre Guard (Team Rio National)- Pierre once again put together a good weekend. His impossible to stop this kid was getting into the lane and he finishes well around the rim. He’s very smooth with the “Jelly” type finish even around shot blockers. I like how he stepped up on the big stage.
Corey Floyd Guard (Team RIO National)- Floyd is another scoring machine for this RIO bunch. When his trey ball is dropping he’s more difficult to stop. He can stroke it well from deep while also possessing a driving game. He hit up the Hoop Kingz Elite for 18 points.
AJ Pierre Forward (Team Rio National)- Pierre has his best Spotlight outing. He was totally dominant in the paint on both ends of the floor. Standing 6’7 he showed soft hands and developing footwork courtesy of I’m Possible. If he continues in this direction he will be on the national radar shortly.
Elijah Perkins Guard (Team Rio National)- Perkins was a good finisher in transition. He filled the lanes well while finishing through contact. He’s a natural scorer and gets it done in bunches. I love how fluid he looks handling the rock and creating plays.