Friday, July 8, 2016

Diary Of A Baller: Bryan Hall (Hartford County, CT) Entry #10

Trey Shooting In Detriot

Hello Basketball World! I'm signing back in for my basketball diary. 

I had been away for a few days in Detroit with my Mom, so Monday morning started a travel day back to Connecticut. I was scheduled to work my first day at the pool that afternoon, so I caught a flight that got me back to Hartford a few hours earlier. With very little time between landing and the start of my shift, I hurried home, ate lunch, and got myself ready to lifeguard. With all the days of orientation under my belt, actually working the pool was an easy adjustment. I met a lot of new people, including families and children from the community in which my pool is located; it made the day fun and fast moving. I got picked up at the end of my shift and went home to relax after such a long day. 

I had my early training session Tuesday morning, which meant the alarm started ringing at 5:15 am. As usual, we started at 5:45 am and that morning's focus was all about my core. When we were finished, I don't think I could have possibly done another sit up or push up; my arms and legs were dead. I got home, showered, and went to spend the day working a youth basketball camp in Hartford. I always enjoy trying to help younger kids learn the game; I also got to see some guys I grew up playing against. I got some food after camp then headed right to my evening workout with my guy Muhammad. We got up a lot of shots and one on one moves from all over the court. It was late by the time we finished, so it was right home for dinner and a shower. My Dad and I spent the evening catching up on funny shows we like to was a good way to end a heavy day. 

With the travel, work, and training, I took some time to sleep in a bit Wednesday. I had a few hours before my lifeguard shift, so I met some friends at the mall early that afternoon. The day started out sunny, but by the time I got to work it was overcast and started to drizzle. I was expecting it to be a light day at the pool, but surprisingly, there were still people coming to swim! We eventually had to remove people from the pool, but it was definitely a busier day than I had imagined. The rain had stopped by the time I got home, and without any workout that morning, I got changed and went for a 3 mile run through my town. With my cardio done, I got myself ready for bed early since I'd be traveling to New York for a workout the next morning. 

I got a little extra sleep Thursday morning before getting brought to New York City for a workout with some of my Lightning coaches. We get pushed really hard in those workouts, so I was exhausted when we wrapped up. Its a two hour ride each way, so I slept most of the ride home. I ate dinner when I got home and spent the night watching a movie before bed. 

My Dad and I woke up early Friday morning to get in a few hours of drills before I went to work at the basketball camp again. It was the last day of camp, so the counselors had a chance to compete in some contests against the campers. I had fun meeting a lot of the kids; my high school coach and a few of my boys were also at the camp that day, so it was good to hang with them as well. From camp, I went right to the pool for that evening's lifeguard shift. The pool was crowded, and I began noticing how many of the kids come up to talk with me while I'm watching the pool. Its cool getting to know their names and talk to them about their summers. I was hungry by the time I got picked up, so it was dinner and relaxing for the rest of the night.  
Saturday I got to spend some time with my Grandmother and cousin, who were going to a Fourth of July cookout that day. It was at a beach, so everyone was able to keep cool in the ocean. We left the cookout later in the afternoon and went to the mall before heading back to my Grandmother's house. She has a fire pit in her backyard, so my cousin and I had some friends over to watch fireworks after the sun went down. 

I woke up Sunday and had some extra time to spend with my Grandmother before work that afternoon. It was hot outside, but not many people came out to swim which made my shift seem much longer than usual. I went back to my Grandmother's after work and my cousin and I had another bonfire gathering with our friends. Since it was Fourth of July weekend, there were more fireworks being set off after dark. After such a busy week with everything, the down time with friends was a nice way to end the week. 

Stay tuned as I began to wrap up my last few weeks as the writer for this version of Basketball Spotlight's Diary of a Baller. As always, stay blessed!