Sunday, January 3, 2016

What Did We Learn At The Tip Off Classic?

The Tip Off Classic was the kickoff to the Basketball Spotlight circuit. There was a lot of good moments and tough competition. Here’s what we have learned from the weekend. 

What Did We Learn At The Tip Off Classic?

New Heights Look Prime! 

The New Heights 8th Grade Squad entered the Tip Off Classic with great expectations and delivered. Their combination of size and excellent guard was too much for the competition. Lead guard Ryan Myers established himself as one of the top guards in the region and a POY candidate. Their huge frontline featuring Richard Springs and Isah Muhammad is a force to be reckoned with. They have positioned themselves as the early team to beat.

Team IZOD Makes Early Statement! 

Team IZOD 7th Grade crew looks like they are ready to run the table on the Spotlight circuit. This loaded squad featuring #1 7th Grader Trey Patterson ran through the Tip Off Classic and probably is just scratching the surface of their talent. Tristan Jefferies stole the show and Jayden Brown looked good in his Sports U debut. If Donnell Harris begin making the trips up north they will only get better. This squad is nothing to mess with.

Riverside Hawks Still Collecting Titles! 

Riverside Hawks is still dominating the circuit in the younger grade levels. This was never more evident than at the Tip Off Classic as they won championships on the 5th and 6th Grade levels. The last few years they have proven to be a national power and this does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The Hawks are flying high.

Team Final Backcourt is Serious! 

Team Final retooled their Class of 2020 team with the additions of super backcourt AJ Hoggard and Lynn Greer Jr. These two dominated the competition on both ends of the floor and seemed to play well off each other. Both showed the ability to score and setup teammates. They helped Team Final reach the championship game. Team Final looks to be in good hands in years to come with this duo.

Lewis and Houston Have Breakout Performances! 

Justin Lewis of B’More United Thrill and Caleb Houston of S-Elite showed they are ready to make a move up in our national rankings. Lewis showed supreme versatility and explosiveness during the weekend. He has the frame and potential to be a top notch recruit in years to come. Houston is merely a 6th Grader but has the smoothness, poise and game of a big time player. He sees the game a couple of plays ahead and has the size to complete the package. We will keep an eye on this kid.