Monday, October 1, 2012

Nate Pierre Louis Pulls The Trigger: It's St. Peters Prep

Nate Pierre Louis Headed To St. Peters Prep  

Nate Pierre Louis got things over very early by choosing to attend St. Peters Prep High School in the fall. The two-time Player Of The Year Pierre Louis has been one of the highest scorer’s in the country the last few years while playing for Team IZOD while leading his team to several Basketball Spotlight championships. 

His father and coach Franz Pierre Louis loves this choice; “First and foremost our family will like to thank all of the high schools that showed interest in Nathaniel and wish you all well during your high school season. Nate chose St. Peters Prep because he felt it was the perfect fit academically and athletically. He looks forward to succeeding in the classroom and on the floor. He should be a great addition to the young talent at the Prep."

Basketball Spotlight would like to congratulate Nate Pierre Louis on his high school selection and look forward to watching him perform on the Spotlight circuit this season.