Monday, October 29, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Lucas Hudson (Center Valley, PA) Entry #5

Ed Jennings and Lucas Hudson  

Hello Basketball World! 

Is everyone ready for the big storm, Sandy? Hopefully! My mom bought extra water and we are blessed to have a fireplace in case we don’t have electricity. Let’s get on with my week. 

For the first three days of the week, I had a lot of tests. So my nights were pretty much jammed with studying and ball-handling drills at home. I did manage to get to a gym a few times to work on my shot. 

Wednesday morning I got up early for a workout before school with my trainer, Obe. Like always, it was extremely hard. We did a lot of upper body exercises. We focused on core strength too. Friday morning before school we worked on leg strengthening exercises and being explosive when you jump. And I will tell you that this strength workout with Obe has really been beneficial. I am now about four inches away from touching the rim. And I’m only 5’5”. Watch out, Aquille Carr, here I come! LOL And thank you, Obe, for pushing me to be my best. 

I was supposed to attend the Micah Lancaster Super Skillcase this past weekend, but my dad had to be at work to get ready for an upcoming business trip and I had loads of homework and studying to do. On Saturday I was watching You-Tube videos of Micah Lancaster’s drills. I was trying some of them… until my parents caught me and yelled at me for not studying. Later on Saturday, my dad told me that there was one more game at the local SCBL league and if I did a lot of studying , I could go. Before my game, the league’s organizer, Coach Ed Jennings, announced that I was voted by the coaches as the league’s “Most Promising Prospect.” Wow! I was really honored to be recognized as the top player in a league with 90 eighth and ninth graders from the Lehigh Valley. I had a fun time playing, especially since one of my first coaches, John Venus, coached me in this last game. He was my coach when I was on the third and fourth grade Salvation Army teams. Our teams dominated everyone in the Lehigh Valley. 

As the years go by, it’s nice that I’m still very close with all those team mates. A lot of them are either playing for Wall-to-Wall or ESYC elite teams. I would like to thank Coach Ed Jennings for running a great SCBL league for the third consecutive year. 

Please join me and my family as we pray for everyone’s safety over the next several days as Hurricane Sandy impacts us all on the East Coast. 

See you guys next week!