Saturday, August 25, 2012

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #46

What's up basketball world? It has been several weeks since my last entry and a lot has happened. First off my Nana has been sick and in the hospital. l therefore I had to cut back on some travel events that I would have otherwise participated in. My Nana is my Dad's mother and the Rock of our family. Having her sick has been hard on my dad and all of us, although we rarely talk about it. I can see pain in my dad’s face some days and lately he has been almost too patient with my brother and I.

A little more than 2 weeks from now school will begin and by now most people may know that I will be attending The Gill Saint Bernard School in Gladstone, NJ. I know school will be very challenging academically but I am looking forward to the challenge of balancing school and everything it has to offer. I have been spending quite a bit of time at school over the past 2 weeks and the guys on the team have really embraced me more than I expected. Which I am really happy about and it should make my transition a little bit easier in a few weeks.

During the last week of July, I played in my first game that included most of my soon to be Knight basketball team members. I played pretty well overall against the 17U competition and even managed to post a team high 27 points and 8 rebounds in a game. My dad said ESPN wrote a little article about it but I never read it. I read a lot but I seldom read about basketball and never read my own articles or articles about myself. My dad and my brother love that stuff!

Basketball never stops, so you know I've been in the gym or in the weight room just about every day and I have to do my Shaun Teague's workout often. My dad and Khalif and I hit the Club daily to get shots up and work on ball-handling and when dad has been out of town Coach Eric, formally of Saint Pat's and Mount Verde, or Bryce from Impossible Training, give my brother and I great workouts to keep us sharp.

Last time I wrote an entry I think I told you all that I got a hand written note from RU Head Coach Mike Rice. This is really exciting for me because I basically grew up going to RU basketball and football games because my friends’ parents had tickets. Recently, I also received a few more letters from University of Miami and I just attended a Seton Hall practice this past Sunday and the coaches kept saying how they would love me to be playing at Seton Hall in the future. It is all very cool but I know how much I have to keep working and make God a bigger part of my life and just stay positive.

I have been over my mom's house for few days and my dad has been away. He told me he was going to visit the University of Miami where my step-mom went to school and played basketball. He also told me the school was awesome and that all the coaches showed him around. It is 11:35 on Friday and Dad is coming at 12PM so I need to get going.

This Is Tyus Battle Signing Off