Monday, October 17, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry#7

What’s up basketball world, I am here again to tell you about my week.

Monday I did not have school, therefore my brother and I had a day to hang out at home, play PlayStation 3 and watch a little television. I also started a new book titled “Ashes.” When my dad came home from work, we went outside and ran the hills in Roosevelt Park for 25 minutes. We also dribbled 2 balls up and down the hills of the park for 30 minutes, which was very hard. I never realized how difficult it is to dribble 2 balls on grass and dirt up-hill until my dad had us try it. We finished our workout by doing vertical leap drills and more ball handling. I really love working out with my dad and brother!

Tuesday, we had the basketball clinic at the JCC and it was cool. The kids are really beginning to understand how working hard can be fun. When my dad was managing the last hour of the clinic with my step mom and brother. I worked out doing shooting drills and ball handling with a 7lbs ball and regular ball with my teammate and friend Jason Graham. We also did power jump drills 15 minutes to end the work out. On our ride home, we had lots of fun, my dad can be a lot of fun when he is in a good mode. You see, he was happy because he beat me in a run the length of a basketball court. He a barely beat me but he bragged all the way home. He was even singing songs on the radio, changing words describing how he smoked me. My dad is really fast, and it made him feel good, so I don’t mind. I will beat him next time for sure.

Wednesday, I stayed home and hit the books because I had several quizzes and test to end the week. Fortunately I have been doing really well in school so far, all A’s, although I received a 79 on a notebook test in Science because I was out for a class and forgot to make up the work. My dad was not happy when he found out and I was not either.

Thursday, I had a test and I got an A. After 2 hours of homework after school, I went to the gym with my dad at 8 and work on my pull up jump shot. We did a lot of drills with the heavy ball and worked on quick hit dribble moves and combination moves for 2 hours. I had a great work out. My dad said it was the best effort he has seen from me over the past few months and I felt good.

Friday, school was good. We had Mass and classes went smooth. After school I took a nap for an hour before my step-mom woke me up for Team Final practice. Practice went well and the team is coming together. After practice my dad, brother and I drove to King of Prussia, PA for a tournament I had on Saturday and Sunday at Competitive Edge. I played very well overall, playing 17U but unfortunately we lost all 3 games. I should say that we had 3 starters missing because of official visits to college. I scored the ball well and even dominated for periods of times, we just were way too small to rebound with the size of some of the teams.

It’s already Sunday night 10 PM and I need to read for school, shower and get to bed. Until next week basketball world.

Tyus Battle