Monday, October 10, 2011

Diary Of A Baller: Tyus "Kid Mamba" Battle (Edison, NJ) Entry #6

What’s up basketball world? I had a very full week overall filled with basketball and a lot of other things. First off, I am finishing a good book called Witch & Wizard. I love to read, and I especially like to read scary books.

On Monday my step-mom and I went to yoga, but the class was too full, so we went to the gym for some intensive training instead. We worked hard on my flexibility for about 30 minutes and then cardio with a medicine ball. We did a ton of walking lunges with weights and continuous box jumps and shuttle runs. We finished with pulls ups and dips to exhaustion. The next day my legs were really sore which means I put in some hard work.

On Tuesday our Battlebasketball clinic at the Scotch Plains JCC went really well. The kids are getting better and better. After the clinic I worked out with Temple Gibbs from SCAN. We got in an hour workout. We did some of the drills that I learned at the Micah Lancaster camp last week. First we worked on getting our shot up quicker, then we did finishes and moves to the basket.

Wednesday I went to workout with Coach Rich at Hoops America. I didn’t play very well so my dad got on me. He told me that I wasn’t in help defense and I was not playing aggressive enough. Coach Rich said that I need to improve on a few things and that it’s only up to improve my weaknesses.

Friday we had team practice again. It was a very competitive and we did A LOT of running. Unfortunately, I had a bad practice, so my coach/dad was not happy. He really hates when kids don’t work as hard as they can on every play. H really gets on you and he has been on me all weekend. My dad will not stop until he gets 100% effort. I will do better next week, for sure.

On Saturday we went to NYC and participated in a fundraising basketball clinic in Harlem with Hollis Copeland and Herb Williams of the NY Knicks. Hoops for Haiti is the idea of Helen Mashburn, mother of Jamal Mashburn. Jamal played for the Mavericks, the Heat and the Hornets. The idea of the event was to raise money for the people of Haiti who were devastated by the earthquake a year ago when a lot of innocent people where killed and displaced from their homes. We had a lot of fun, while raising a lot of money for a great cause.

Until next week…Peace.