Friday, November 5, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Richie Rosa (Pequannock, NJ) Final Entry

Hello to all my friends in the Basketball Spotlight Community.  

This is my final entry I hope I’ve been able to keep you slightly entertained as now I will be transitioning into basketball in the coming weeks from football. I must say it was a pleasure speaking out about my daily routines and hope to be in the spotlight soon again being thru write ups or just plain highlights of myself. Please look out for me I’ll be on the courts soon with NJ SCHOLARS 2026 in a gym near you. Let's begin with my final journey entry. 

Monday I woke up 6am began with my routine yoga before eating breakfast and getting ready for school. I went to school and was able to get extra work on my prep class to prepare for next week’s exam for high school entrance. School was great got a lot of assignments fulfilled and was able to get a lot of skills enhance on the court. I went home and worked out with my little sister in the small gym at home. Finally I came inside and got ready for video session with my football team. We went over our previous game and followed up with our next opponent coming up. After the video session I went over my assignments from school before calling it a night and going to bed. 

Tuesday I woke up nice and early at 630am I was able to do some meditation in my room before getting ready for school. I ate some scrambled eggs and cheese not the usual but it was filling for breakfast it was pretty good. Today I was scheduled as a freshman for the day at St. Joe’s in Montvale. I arrived at 8am and was paired up with Donavan McKoy he is a multisport student athlete there for football and basketball. Today at St. Joes it went well classes were very interesting and everyone there got along pretty well. McKoy was an exceptional guide and very straight forward with the brotherhood there at St. Joe’s. I was picked up midafternoon and immediately went home to catch up on school assignments for the day. Although I was excused doesn’t mean the work is so I wanted to jump on it soon possible. Later on I got ready for my basketball workout with D-Lam in Wyckoff since football was a complete rain out. It was a great workout as always I can’t wait for basketball to start up soon. Finally I got home and settled in. I continued going through my high school prep book before going to bed. 

Wednesday my 630am alarm went off, I got up and began my morning with a few new stretches. I ate breakfast and got ready for school. I went to school and took part in my drills after we got into our recovery mode which I was able to rest up before our school High school Fair. It was a great event had schools like Blair Academy, St. Peters Prep, Rutgers Prep, Pioneer Academy, both St. Joes Metuchen and Montvale, ICHS of Montclair including Catholics High schools from Paramus, Hudson, Bergen. I was able to go to each table and introduce myself and see what each school had to offer as far as campus and education. It was very motivating plus I learned to be able to answer proficiently especially when being put on the spot with their own questions. Today was a great day I’m glad I took part in that fair. Later I got ready for football practice, which was at the high school. It’s cool practicing there because we utilize the Field and I get to practice on my field goal kicks I’m at 50 yards off the T not bad. After Practice I got home and soaked in an Epson salt bath I then settled in to get some much needed rest from the day. 

Thursday I woke up at 630 AM I did some morning meditation then ate some cereal before getting ready for school. I went to school and participated in all activities. The Student Academy does inter quarterly assessments on our improvements in less than 2 months it has increased sufficiently I was impressed myself. Class today as always was interesting especially math these algebra problems can be difficult but I managed to solve them. Later on I was picked up from school and my dad showed me these Rankings off of these websites we follow for Basketball in sights it was cool that I was considered but I’m really not focused on them as I was a year or two ago I know there’s a bigger picture ahead and some of these guys can’t keep hiding behind some of these rankings. I’ll just leave the topic like that for now maybe see me in a year from now maybe I’ll have a different perspective on it. I then got ready for football and was able to get good nights worth of offense and defense with the team. After practice I got home and immediately showered and went over my high school prep book for my upcoming exam before going to sleep. 

Friday my 630 am alarm went so I got up ate breakfast and did some morning yoga before heading to school. It was Friday not much planned afterschool so I was looking forward to the activities we had at school today. We always go at it at school so that would alone be plentiful. Afterschool today I had planned to go to the local high school game but instead I hung out with my little sister and watched movies with her. Since I was home already I rested for remainder of the week. 

Saturday started off with a well-rested morning I got up and ate a quick breakfast before getting picked up by my Scholars teammate Mason for our HSPT Prep course at St. Peters prep in Jersey City. After the course I had planned on staying to watch a big state high school football game at Caven Point between Bergen Catholic and St. Peters Prep. I was able to hang out on both It was a great game to start off but Bergen capitalized at the end and won. After the game I went home and got ready for my own game which didn’t pan out to well. Although I gave them 2 touchdowns it wasn’t enough to hold off the other team. After the game I went home and settled in and got ready for bed. 

Sunday began with a great morning breakfast with the whole family. I didn’t have anything planned for the day but to go see some of my friends that are in High school right now compete in the fall high school basketball league. Bergen Catholic ended up winning the fall championship looks like they will be a favorite before its all said and done this upcoming season in NJ. Once I was home I rested and watch some NFL on TV before taking it down going to bed. 
This was my final entry again thanks for being a part of my weekly journey hopefully I entertained you as much as I could. Thank you Mr. Melton for letting me be apart of something as special as a journal entry in the Basketball Spotlight Community. I will see you all on the court and don’t forget to root for me. Stay blessed and healthy good luck to all in their upcoming seasons.