Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Diary Of A Baller: Tyler McQuaid (Maywood, NJ) Entry #6

It’s Tyler McQuaid and I am back for another week. It began Monday with a win over Nova UFND. The win put us in the championship bracket for the Made Hoops finale. Up next, we ran into one of the top teams in the country. (Nightrydas) from Miami. They had too much size for us and shot a high percentage from the field. It was a disappointing way to end the tournament. With that said, I always believe you can take out of a loss as much as a win. It really helped me gage where I am and what I need to focus on for my journey in high school. 

I have so much to be thankful for through my middle school years. Like I said earlier, the AAU world has helped me and gave me the opportunity to travel all over the country and more importantly build relationships with my teammates. They always work hard and we all support each other (Legacy). 

I spent the rest of the week watching and supporting my friends and high-school teammates at Peach Jam (EBYL). It was fun basketball and it helped me understand where my game needs to be next year when I arrive. When I got back home, I was right back at it in the morning. I went up to the park and started shooting and running drills. The evenings are full of pick up games. Stay tuned. FOCUS is where my head is now.