Monday, December 21, 2020

Diary Of A Baller: Jordan Ghee (Totowa, NJ) Entry #2

Hi Basketball Spotlight Family! 

It’s Jordan Ghee and I’m excited to share Diary of a Baller Part 2. This was a stressful week because I had midterms, so I was mainly focused on my studies. However, I still made time for basketball. 

Monday, my dad set up an in home weight lifting area with a pull up bar so I was able to workout before school. After my workout, I joined my virtual classes. Later that afternoon, I had an interview with a local high school. Once I got home, I studied for midterms. 

Tuesday, I was up at 6:30 am to do my 400’s. I attended my classes. After class, I had a Junior Honor Society team meeting. I did my homework early because I knew I had training with @cam_hoo at 7:30pm. We worked on finishing at the rim, foot speed, and shooting off of a screen. My best friend @_Mehki (Mekhi Ragland) also trained with @_coachg_. We switch back and forth so that both of us get multiple training experiences during the week. When I got home, I relaxed and played on my PS5. 

Wednesday, I had two midterms: Math and Science. I got an A on my math midterm. I’m still waiting for my science grade but I believe I did well. I worked out on the pull up bar, lifted light weights, and did my 400’s. We had a snow storm so we had to move my training session with my shooting coach @IYBasketball (Kent Culucko) to Friday. Thursday morning, I had my last two finals: Latin and Humanities. I did really well in Latin. My final grade will be an A. For Humanities, I had an A because I was never late to class and I had a great participation grade so I was able to take an alternative assignment as a reward for my hard work in that class. It is one of my favorite subjects. 

Thursday evening, Mekhi and I trained with @__coachg_ and @Cam_hoo. I worked on having a quicker release and tightening my form. I stayed up late playing video games because I only had a short school meeting the following morning. Friday was my last day of school before break! 

As I mentioned earlier, this week I trained with my shooting coach Kent Culucko on Friday instead of Wednesday. We worked on shooting off the dribble and coming off of screens. After my training session, I got on the shooting gun for another 30 minutes or so. 

Saturday, I had a 2-hour practice session with @psacardinals. Saturday night was an at home movie night with the family. That’s one of my favorite things to do. 

Sunday, I had another 2-hour practice with @psacardinals. We are getting ready for @madehoops in January! This will be my first season with my new basketball family and I am excited about playing with them. 

Next week, I will be sending my update from Phoenix, AZ. Until then, I want to wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday season! See you all soon!