Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Schedule And Guidelines

The Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase schedule is below. Please keep in mind that our schedule is reflective of Covid 19 precautions. We ask the parents and spectators to please respect them to the best of their abilities. Please notice your check in time and try to check in as close to your time as possible for safety reasons. (PLEASE BRING YOUR MASK). TEMPERATURE CHECKS UPON ENTRY!

Event: Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase 
Date: October 10, 2020 
Place: Fidonce Player Development, 3640 G Street, Philadelphia, PA 19134 
Entry Fee: $10 (2 Parents or Spectators For Each Participant Only) 

Event Schedule 

6th Grade (Class of 2027) 
9:00 AM Check In 
10:00 AM 1st Game Sessions (All Teams) 
11:00 AM 2nd Game Sessions (All Teams) 

7th Grade (Class of 2026) 
12:00 PM Check In 
1:00 PM 1st Game Sessions (All Teams) 
2:00 PM 2nd Game Sessions (All Teams) 

8th Grade (Class of 2025) 
3:00 PM Check In 
4:00 PM 1st Game Sessions (Teams 1 thru 4) 
5:00 PM 2nd Game Sessions (Teams 1 thru 4) 
6:00 PM 1st Game Session (Teams 5 thru 8) 
7:00 PM 2nd Game Session (Team 5 thru 8)