Monday, November 20, 2017

Team Thrill Wins AGame Super Shootout!

Team Thrill Victorious

Coach Donnell “Mookie” Dobbins and his Team Thrill bunch have won their first Championship of the season. (The AGame Super Shootout). Dobbin’s roster includes some familiar names and some not so familiar ones. Jarace Walker may be the most recognized name on the roster. At 6’5 this wing was really impressive. Walker protected the rim as if he was 6’9, blocking anything that came his way. He hovered around the perimeter taking advantage of driving lanes while also connecting on three point attempts as if he was playing the guard position. Versatility is what this kid brings. 

Carlos Alexander the lefty point guard displays his intensity whenever Thrill makes a stop on defense or converts on offensive. Alexander is a tough defender with illusive penetration that blows by defender. His flashy style makes this team exciting to watch. Another impressive piece was Antonio Hamlin. Hamlin was pretty much unstoppable getting to the rim, he simply just elevated over the competition while connecting on layups and floaters, all the while finding open teammates for easy lay-ups. 

Kia Brooks was a steady shooter from the arc. Each time a team would make a run, he would stop that run with a three. There were three to four possessions where Brooks connected on a three to keep teams from getting any closer. Christian Winborne is another sniper for this talented group. This kid can really mix it up. He keeps teams off balance by getting to the rim, while also being able to knock down shoots from the perimeter. He is also a pretty good defender. Samuel Scott may be small in stature, but this kid fears no one. Scott consistently attacks the basket and finishes over taller defenders while causing havoc on opposing guards. Scott can push any guard off their path, which normally results in a turnover and lay-up on the other end. Scott is tough on either end of the floor. 

Andrew Rhuebottom’s physical nature allows him to rebound against taller players on route to layups or three point plays. With a guard skill set, Rhuebottom rebounds as a big and pushes the break like a guard either making the extra pass or laying it up himself. Rhuebottom is hard to contain when he gets going. John Thomas provides a lift when the teams seem to get stuck in neutral. His mid-range game is quite impressive for his age. While on the floor, Thomas becomes another scoring option and defender on the perimeter or low block. Derrick Moore is a 6’5, 250lb forward that just started playing basketball regularly and is quickly catching up to speed. By this spring we expect Moore to be a force down low. 

Best of luck to Thrill as they compete this AAU season.