Monday, November 10, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Jason Boswell Entry #8

Wassup guys, Last week Friday I took the TACHS test. For me the test was a breeze. I made 3 choices but I would like to keep my options open. Later that night I worked out with my dad and Eagle Academy’s super senior Fabean Blackwood. On Saturday I did not have school practice so I chilled with my Lightning teammate Donavon Johnson. Later that day I had a game in Far Rockaway Queens. It was an easy game we blew the team out.

Sunday in Funsport we played against a not so good Next Level team, another easy win. I ended off my night watching the Patriots play led by Jemal Smith and Davonne (Papa) Ragin. They lost to a good NJ Pirates team. That was my weekend so I’ll hit you guys up next week with some more updates.

(Butta) out!