Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Introducing: Brandon Austin

Brandon Austin is a 6th Grader from Philadelphia, PA standing 6’0 tall with a frail frame. I got two chances to see Austin in action once at the Maryland Invitational and then again at Adidas Phenom East. While playing with Team Kobe at the MIT Austin displayed the full package in his game. He handled the ball on the perimeter and was a pure mismatch for defenders including the mighty Gauchos. When Austin got into the lane he used his long body to extend all the way to the basket on numerous occasions. This kid has some scary potential and you can check out Austin along with his teammates as Team Kobe has confirmed their presence at the Basketball Spotlight MDC.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Diary Of A Baller: Kyle Anderson Entry #5

Hey readers of my diary! Kyle Anderson back to tell you how my week went. Well, since Sunday does start the week,let me start there. I just came back from my game in the Men's league with my older brothers and cousin. I had 19 points in a victory. I shot the ball very well and I do want to thank Kent Culuco for his helping me on my shooting. Also, I want to thank my father for knocking on my door at 8:45 Saturday morning to take me over to workout at St. Peters College, LOL, even though I didn't want to wake up. I think those workouts are an excellent example of long term gratification. I don't shoot the ball well instantly, but it eventually all comes together, like tonight. As I'm writing, I just realized how unproductive this week has been, only being in the gym 3 days out of the 7 day week. Enough about my basketball life.

Monday I went to the North Bergen High School to watch and support my town high school. I always show support to one of my best friends Mike Mentor who's A freshman but plays and starts Varsity. I enjoy going to those games because the people in the town know I'm not going to attend their high school, but still treat me very well. I'm sure they will support me and my career once I go to P.C. next year. I say that because as the game was going on I heard a man scream, "We want Kyle", LOL.

Tuesday was a day of relaxation, AKA what my mom calls, "Being A Kid". I went to my school gym and watched my Lincoln School teammates and friends play recreation games, just to show support.

Wednesday was back to my normal basketball activities after school I finished my homework and went over to A Playaz workout, just to stay on top of my game. The next two days consisted of not much of anything, Friday night I stayed home and enjoyed sitting on the couch with my dog, watching "He Got Game", (my favorite movie), and eating Chinese food!!!!! The night couldn't get any better, LOL.

Saturday, back to my normal basketball world. I had an early workout and a game in Paterson. My team (the PLAYAZ) won our first playoff game in the 8 Is Enough League and next week we play the Gauchos of New York in the semi-finals. In the other semi-final you have the MSU Skyliners playing the New Heights Warriors. This is a great match up with Omar Calhon going against Jhamar Lane. The games are at JFK High School in Paterson, New Jersey beginning at 6:30 pm.. Make sure you guys make it there.

Sunday was back to "Being A Kid". I spent the day playing football with my friends until it was game time. So, that was my week. Make sure you guys tune in read next weeks blog. It'll be posted the same time next week. See Ya' later Readers.=).


2012 Player Profile: Mikey Campo

Name: Mikey Campo

AAU Team: Team NJ Select

Position: Combo Guard

Height: 5’9

Evaluation: Campo is a compact sized guard that plays with tremendous grit and guts. I saw him this past weekend at Rebounds and he stroked the ball well from deep in his team’s loss to KBR Basketball. When Mikey sets his feet he can bury a trey very quickly. In transition he knows how to use his body to shield defenders and draw contact.