Thursday, October 7, 2010

In The Spotlight: Lloyd Daniels Jr. (LD Rebels)

Name: Lloyd Daniels

AAU Team: LD Rebels

Position: Shooting Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: Daniels made a splash on the scene this summer in the same parks that help make his dad famous. The sharp shooter showed promise by leading his team to a runner up finish at the Carmelo Anthony league and Dean Street. His father isn’t concerned about early accolades “It’s a long road and we are just worrying about getting better right. When high school rolls around that when it matters about where you are ranked” said the older Daniels. Basketball Spotlight will keep you posted about Lloyd’s progress and keep you posted.

Youngsters Shine At Pangos Camp

Tyler Dorsey Is One Of The Top Guards In America!

The Pangos Camp ran by Dino Trigonis has been a hit for years. I attended a few sessions during my high school scouting days. This weekend the Frosh/Sophomore version was held in Lynwood, California and two grammar school players stood out.

Reports Courtesy of Hoopmasters (Van Coleman)

Tyler Dorsey 6-4 WG/F (2015) Los Angeles, CA Ribet Academy - Top eighth grader at event he isn't bashful from around the perimeter and has strength to finish in traffic. He is a good passer in open court and has a very bright future!

Derryck Thornton 5-7 PG (2016) Chatsworth, CA Sierra Canyon - This diaper dandy showed why there is a buzz about him at the Pangos Camp. He has solid handle and is a good passer. He's young so he has plenty of time to mature and continue to lift his skills. Coaches need to begin monitoring!

Baby Baller Video Profile: Elkhana Hidalgo (Team Final)

Name: Elkhana Hidalgo

AAU Team: Team Final

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2018

Breakdown: This youngster is a very smart floor general for his age. I’ve watched him on several occasions and Hidalgo has held his own against some of the top teams in the country. As a coach’s son he possesses a high basketball IQ and a serious will to win. You will be hearing a lot for Hidalgo and his teammates as they travel the Basketball Spotlight Super Circuit.

Showtime All Stars Prepare For Big Time Road Trip

Showtime All Stars Are Ready To Hit The Road Again

This past weekend Showtime All Stars travel to Snellville, GA to play in the Georgia Tarheel Sports 2010 October Hoop Fest Tournament. Well the All Stars played in both Div. (14u & 15u) in preparation of their big road trip. They are headed to the Hoop Group Turkey Tip Off in Pottstown, PA Nov.27 & 28 & Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale Dec.4 & 5.

Showtime All Stars went 2-1 in pool play. They beat Alanta Select in the semis 59-55 lead by Don Singletary 14pts & 6rebs & Ronshad Allen-Shabazz 11pts & 6rebs. In the chip Showtime All Stars lost to the Georgia Tarheel Elite 66-60. Newcomer 6'2 Timarcus Simpon was name Co-MVP & Don Singletary, Ronshad Allen-Shabazz made the 1st All Team Tournament. Showtime All Stars also had outstanding play from, Mikeil Watkins, Jaylin Price, Chase Gower, Pervis Louder, Tre Fowler, Darius Simmons & 12 year old Tremain Lawrence who is playing up. Coach James Shange Black wants have a great showing at the Turkey Tip and make a deep playoff run at the Grand Finale.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: New York 14U Preview

The City Should Be Ready To Reign This Season!

The basketball season has arrived and Basketball Spotlight will kick things off with our season previews. We decided to do breakdown each AAU district by age and give you an inside look to some of the teams. Here’s look at the New York's 14U Division. (Remember some things can change because no rosters are set.)

Team To Beat: The City

This year I think all that length they recruited should pay off. They have been knocking on the door for a while and should be ready to bust through. I expect a couple of big time tournament championships and an AAU National run.

Dark Horse: Gauchos

The big question is how will this club respond to the soon departure of Coach Science. They also have a few players that will be playing on the high school level so will they get enough court time together to make a run at the Metropolitan title? As long as they have Green you can’t count them out.

Preseason Player Of The Year: Nassir Barrino (Team Scan NY)
Barrino might be capable of going for 30 a contest this season. His game is polished and he’s been playing up for the past few years. If he gets a hot streak going he might lead this squad to the Metropolitan crown.

NY Metropolitan Preseason 1st Team
Mike Williams (The City)
Devonte Green (Gauchos)
Nassir Barrino (Team Scan NY)
Donovan Mitchell (The City)
Jaquan Hickman (Abyssian Chruch)

2nd Team
Sonny Lorenzo (Team Scan)
Eric Paschall (The City)
Wolfgang Novogratz (The City)
Austrian Robinson (Team Scan NY)
Calvin Riley (The City)

3rd Team
Mustafa Jones (Gauchos)
Jordan Duncan (Gauchos)
Jamel Whitehead (Long Island Lightning)
AAli Shahid (Abyssian Church)
Gianni Ford (Long Island Lightning)

Next Stop: New England Area

Video Profile: Thomas "Automatic" Jackson (CT Elite)

Name: Thomas Jackson

AAU Team: Connecticut Elite

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2016

Breakdown: Jackson had a great season on the Hardwood. He made the All Tournament Team at the Basketball Spotlight MDC and Atlantic City Showcase. He also was named the best shooter in the region for the 12U age bracket. Thomas kept his great play going during the Division 2 AAU National Championships by leading his team to a 6th Place finish. “Automatic” Jackson is definitely one of the best shooters regardless of class.

Diary Of A Baller: Otis "The General" Livingston (NJ Got Game) Entry #4

What's up hoopheads?,

This week was a good week. I had workouts and a Zoo Crew game. It was also a good week of school. I didn't have too much work, but enough to keep me busy outside of basketball.

On Tuesday and Thursday I worked out with Coach Vinnie. My man Tyus Battle was there on Tuesday. We worked on shooting, dribbling, and footwork. It was a tough workout because me and Tyus push each other to go even harder. At the end of practice Coach Vinnie talked to us about always working hard and never taking a play off, even in practice.

On Sunday we played F.A.C.E.S 13u. My good friend Azzur Taylor is on the team so it was a lot of fun to play against him in a real game. We usually just play against each other on the playground. It was tight throughout the entire game, but we won at the end. We had to really buckle down on defense to win the game. Our offense wasn't really flowing like it should be, so we turned to our defense to make stops and plays. My Dad tells me that all teams have bad scoring games, but they can always work hard on defense no matter what, and that's what we did. It was a good game to learn from and we know what we need to continue to work on to get better.

As far as school goes I got a 90% on my quiz. That's an A-, but I am always trying to get 100% so I will try even harder. In Spanish I do have a 100% so far. Bueno! I'm proud of that and will try and keep it there. I took a Social Studies test on Friday and feel like I did well. I'll let you know next week when I check back in.

Signing off,
Otis "The General" Livingston Jr.

One more thing, congratulations to my sister Alex for winning her first college tennis tournament!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: New Jersey 14U Preview

Team Scan (NJ) Will Be Tough To Beat!

The basketball season has arrived and Basketball Spotlight will kick things off with our season previews. We decided to do breakdown each AAU district by age and give you an inside look to some of the teams. Here’s look at the New Jersey’s 14U Division. (Remember some things can change because no rosters are set.)

Team To Beat: Team Scan (NJ)
They have a new name but the reigning NJ State champs have much of their same crew back. They have experience down the stretch of big games while possessing some of the smartest guards around. They might be a safe bet to win it all again.

Dark Horse: Linden Ballers

They became a rock in the shoe to a few teams last season. Coach of the Year Dennis Mayes doesn’t expect anything a maximum effort at all times. They also have the talent to make some serious noise.

Preseason Player Of The Year: Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
Atkinson is one of the most exciting guards in the region. When he is on he can take over the contest. It might seem strange but a NY player might when POY honors for NJ.

New Jersey Preseason 1st Team
1. Bobby Martin Jr. (Team Scan)
2. Manny Taylor (Team Scan)
3. Chris Atkinson (Team Scan)
4. Otis Livingston (NJ Got Game)
5. Isaiah Stills (NJ Got Game)

2nd Team
1. Juwan Dolbrice (Linden Ballers)
2. Bryce Aiken (Team Scan)
3. Temple Gibbs (Team Scan)
4. Justin Salem (Team Scan)
5. Javone Smith (St. Michaels)

3rd Team
1. Dondre Rhoden (Team Scan)
2. Trey Lowe (NJ Got Game)
3. Kevin Alexis (Team MVP)
4. Jack Laffy (JS Devils)
5. Kyle Phipps (Linden Ballers)

Next Stop: NYC Metropolitan

Diary Of A Baller: Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble (Team Final) Entry #4

Hello Basketball World "Its Fresh". This week was business as usually. Monday was just about school learning my subjects. After school I went to study hall, did my homework and went home to get ready for the next day. Tuesday was my birthday I turned 14. I went to school of course. I know some people that are allowed to stay home on their birthday. But, my moms don’t play that. I've received perfect attendance awards every year since kindergarten. Back to my B-day Shout out to my dad for letting me celebrate my birthday at practice. The cake said "Happy Birthday To BBallspotlight Player Of The Year". I had a great birthday I got a little bit of everything. My sister be hatin, she said I always get everything I want. My mom tells her because his job right now is to do his best in school and basketball. She tells her your job is to make sure you have a job... lol.

Wednesday I got a haircut after school, curly top style. Then I ran full up at the neighborhood recreation center for 2 hours. Thursday I had Team Final practice drills, ball handling, etc. Then I came home and iced my ankles which are much better. Friday I left to go to Louisville for the John Lucas Invitational Camp. Myself and several of my Team Final teammates: Sam Forman, Levan Alston, and Rondae Jefferson (16u). The camp started Saturday, They gave us 2 days were you did nothing but basketball. So if you weren't in shape it showed. It was one of the best experiences of my life, I learned a lot. Over this weekend I learned that there is still a lot more to learn about the game and what it takes to make it. I would like to thank John Lucas Camp for inviting me. But, I would like to thank Coach Pervis and my dad for making sure I was where I was supposed to be this weekend. This week was one of the best weeks by far. Stay tuned for more from Lamarr "Fresh" Kimble.

Diary Of A Baller: Malachi "Shoota" Richardson (Trenton, NJ) Entry #4

What's Up Everybody! Last week was a good week for your boy the "Shoota". I'm finally getting used to being in Catholic School and all the different things they do. We have block scheduling so I'm in the class a lot longer which also means we go over more material. We attend Mass every Friday. And Mass was something I've never done before, it involves a lot of standing and sitting and they sing a few songs. It's all good though!

When I went to my workouts this week, a few college coaches were there. None of the coaches were there to check me out, but I did introduce myself to the coach from Syracuse, that's my dream school. The players were working hard in front of the coaches and it's a great opportunity for them to be seen. Next year when I'm in high school I'll have the same opportunity.

Friday night, me and my boy Naz Chew went to a party it was fun. When my mom picked me up the next day, I got screamed on because I didn't call and tell my parents I was staying overnight at Naz's house. I know that was irresponsible, but I was tired and fell asleep.

Saturday afternoon, my brother, uncle and a few of their boys came over to play ball. We played 3 on 3, and of course my team didn't lose a game. The games started out pretty easy, but the more we won the more intense it got. It turned into hacking, intentional fouling, making calls and not giving up the ball, and a lot of talking/arguing. I don't know if they bet on the games but it sure felt like it, nobody passed any money off to me so maybe they didn't bet. It's funny the dude that's not that good is always the one on the sideline hyping everything up. We kept winning so I was cool with it.


Catch me next week,

Malachi "Shoota" Richardson.....PEACE

Monday, October 4, 2010

Who's The Best 7th Grader In The Region? Let's Take It To The Message Board!

Who’s the best 7th Grader In The Region? Here’s a chance for you to debate for your best player. Click below and join the hottest grammar school message board in the country. Feel free to begin speaking your mind once you register.

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The Hot Seat Featuring Reggie Hatchett (Connecticut Basketball Club)

Being a former AAU coach and director, I understand some frustrations that might enter the mind of a head man. Therefore we have developed a forum for coaches to get out how they feel respectfully. This column is called the “Hot Seat”. Next on the Hot Seat will be Reggie Hatchett from the Connecticut Basketball Club.

Welcome To The Hot Seat

BS: What do you think of our final top 10?
RH: The Top 10 was great. Do I agree with all the seedings…no. But that’s what makes it great, it spawns debate. That’s a tough position. Bottom line is, if you don’t like the way it is…go after those you feel are above you and prove it wrong. That’s what we try to do.

BS: Why do you guys always seem to play with a chip on your shoulders?
RH: I think its healthy to play with a chip on your shoulder. We call ourselves “300” because that’s our philosophy. In the movie 300 the Spartans were faced with impossible odds. They were outnumbered, they were smaller in stature…but they were better prepared! Yes we know traditionally the best players and teams come from NYC, Jersey and Philly. But just because a team is from one of those areas don’t mean they BALL like we BALL! Anyone who has seen us play will have to agree that we “get after it” like grown men! So our mentality is: you may have bigger players, bigger names on the front of the jersey and bigger names on the back the jersey, but when that ball goes up…its even steven”!

BS: What do you think of the new AAU Rules concerning grade exceptions?
RH: I strongly disagree with the new rule. I think it’s hurting the academically inclined student-athletes. We should not be rewarding those kids who are not doing well in the classroom by allowing them to dominate kids who are 2 (now in some cases 3 years) younger. It will probably increase the amount of exposure the younger tournaments get (like Basketball Spotlight), but I think the overall effect will be negative.

BS: Do you feel players from Connecticut get overshadowed?
RH: Yes. Our players do get overshadowed and overlooked, but most of that blame has to fall on us (CT Coaches). We are so divided on every issue that it seems nearly impossible that we will get to where we need to be for our kids. We dilute our talent by having a thousand different AAU programs in our tiny state. This means that our “recruitable athletes are spread apart. So when we go to a major tournament, we only have one or two major standouts, while the teams from Jersey, NYC will have 6 or 7 big time prospects playing together. So we really have no one to blame but ourselves.

BS: What are you doing to change this?
RH: I’m changing this by moving my organization towards the future. We are making CBC a full service AAU program capable of ensuring every athlete that they will reach their full potential on and off the court. We are dedicated to providing an environment where athletes will know that they are being serviced better than anywhere else in CT.

BS: What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear these words?

BS: Team Battle/Final?
RH: Grade A program, classy kids with tremendous potential, Tyus Battle, Jamir Harris and Nate Pierre-Louis are definite Division 1 prospects, great coaching, very well-prepared.

BS:: F.A.C.E.S.?
RH : Also a great program, Coach Cole is one of the best I’ve seen, they are a mirror image of our team (small but tough), we always know we are in for a dog-fight when we play them…I look forward to playing them

RH: Heartbreak (I feel like we should have won this event twice already), great competition, good tool to use as a barometer of your team, very well ran.

RH: I’m happy that there is such a company dedicated to giving the younger kids exposure. It really does a lot to help coaches like myself. I use the site as a measuring stick and also as motivation to make my kids run that extra mile and to wake up before school to workout. They all want to see their names and faces on the Spotlight!

BS: What do you think the perception of your program is right now?
RH: I think CBC has established itself as the premiere AAU program in CT right now. We are still determined to grow, so there will be growing pains. As far as my teams (14u and down), I KNOW we are the best in our state, and among the best in New England (respect due to MABC, BABC, RI Breakers, etc). I think a lot of people probably view me as arrogant, but that’s a misconception. I am about my kids…that’s it! Most kids I deal with have to be tamed and trained to abandon their natural instincts. So if I tell them not argue, not to speak to refs, not to speak to fans…it’s up to me to defend them. And I do that…and always will.

BS: How do you think you will be remembered in the game of basketball?
RH: I think when my basketball days are over, I will be remembered as a fierce competitor with no fear, as a great leader with very well thought out plans and tactics, but most of all I will be remembered as the coach who originated the “300” mentality that lead to so many CT athletes making it to college and beyond.

Anyone Ready For The Hot Seat Email Me Your Reasons at

Basketball Spotlight Season Preview: Mid Atlantic 14U Preview

Will Team Final Finally Get To That Elusive Final Four?

The basketball season has arrived and Basketball Spotlight will kick things off with our season previews. We decided to do breakdown each AAU district by age and give you an inside look to some of the teams. Here’s look at the Mid Atlantic 14U Division. (Remember some things can change because no rosters are set.)

Team To Beat: Team Final

TF feel like they have unfinished business after placing 6th at the AAU Nationals. They have reloaded with some top talent and don’t be surprised if they mercy ruled several teams this year. A National title run might be in order for this group.

Dark Horse: Philly Aztecs

Aztecs are out to prove that their Final Four run wasn’t luck. They also have added some pieces and should be ready to go. Now they have to play the role of the hunted instead of being the hunters. The pressure is on.

Preseason Player of The Year: Lamarr Kimble

Right now he’s playing like he wants to win the award again. His swagger is serious and he’s working extremely hard on his game. We also will keep an eye on Trevaughn Wilkerson, Sam Foreman and Devin Liggeons.

Mid Atlantic Preseason 1st Team

1. Lamarr Kimble (Team Final)
2. Marcus Floyd (Philly Aztecs)
3. Tavon White (Team Rebels)
4. Trevaughn Wilkerson (Team Final)
5. Horace Spencer (Montgomery County)

2nd Team
1. Malik Ellison (Team Final)
2. Devin Liggeons (Philly Aztecs)
3. Sam Foreman (Team Final)
4. Malachi Richardson (Team Final)
5. Tim Delaney (Team Final)

3rd Team
1. Seiquann Kearney (Team Rebels)
2. Shaun Alston (Team Final)
3. Myles Powell (SJ Blitz)
4. Terquin Mott (Philly Aztecs)
5. Mekhi Bryant (SJ Blitz)

Next Stop: New Jersey

Saturday, October 2, 2010

In The Spotlight: Devonte Green (Gauchos)

Name: Devonte Green

AAU Team: Gauchos

Position: Combo Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: Green looked like the new King Of NY today as he made the Playaz 15U pay with his jump shot nailing at least five treys. His game is very mature as he doesn’t waste time with multiple dribble moves. He’s a second year varsity player as an 8th Grader and showed why. He will be in the running for Player Of The Year.

In The Spotlight: Nassir Barrino (Playaz)

Name: Nassir Barrino

AAU Team: Playaz Basketball Club

Position: Point Guard

Class: 2015

Breakdown: I saw Barrino at the Gauchos Roundball Classic and was impressed with his presence and improved point guard ability. His quickness stood out and he showed good poise running the team. Nassir’s stop and go moves kept defenders at bay and in the second half his pull up jumper paid dividends. He’s pointing his game into the right direction before reaching high school.

Gauchos Roundball Classic Recap: New Heights Too Much

Rakym "Bed Stuy Bully" Felder

Rakym Felder scored 27 points as New Heights defeated LD Rebels 49-29 at the Gauchos Roundball Classic. Adam Perry finished with 16 points for the Rebels in the loss.

Top Performers

Rakym Felder Guard (New Heights)- Felder battled foul trouble and found a hard time finding his rhythm in the first half. In the second stanza he woke up and went to work. His long shots started falling and he scored with ease in transition. He is very capable of pumping in a big amount of points very quickly.

Terrell Turner Forward (New Heights)- Turner did some scoring in the paint but ran into a little trouble by keeping the rock to low during his post moves. He’s still very young so once he gets stronger he will be able to keep the ball high when maneuvering on the blocks.

Corey Grant Guard (New Heights)- Grant has been a solid point for NH for some time. The southpaw knows how to squirt into the lane and spoon feed his teammates at the rim. His passes are crisp and precise.

Adam Perry Guard (LD Rebels)- Perry was a bright spot for the Rebels. He has improved his quickness and demonstrated that by breezing pass defenders on his way to the tin. He also showed good body control after absorbing contact. He’s turning into an impact player.

Marquise Bell Forward (LD Rebels)- Bell is an athlete that showed some promise when finishing off plays. He runs the floor well and did a nice job on the glass. I need to see a little more ball handling skills to get a better read on him.

Noel King Forward (LD Rebels)- King is also a good athlete. He needs a little more playing time to develop his basketball skills and IQ. He will need to be an intimidating force inside for this team to be successful.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Basketball Spotlight Super Showcase Profile: Jahide Burns (Moorestown, NJ)

Name: Jahide Burns

Hometown: Moorestown, NJ

Position: Wing Forward

Class: 2015

Showcase Report: Burns was very impressive during the showcase. He’s very aggressive on the perimeter and has good size for his position. He’s capable of playing on the blocks but enjoys roaming the perimeter which is good for his development. I see a bright future for this kid especially if he continues to challenge himself in the gym and play against top notch competition.

Grand Finale Receiving Early Interest

The Basketball Spotlight Grand Finale is receiving early interest. Some of the top teams in the region are confirmed. If you are interested please register quickly because this event will eventually sell out. This tournament will be held Dec. 4th and 5th at Hoop Group Headquarters. Please keep in mind of the November 14th deadline.

Click Here To Register

Teams Confirmed

2. Linden Ballers
3. Hoop Heaven
4. Team Takeover
5. Showtime All Stars
6. Team Final
7. NJ Pirates
8. F.A.C.E.S.
9. The City
10. VBC
11. Philly Aztecs
12. Team Scan
MJ Heat
14. Fairfax Stars Black
15. Fairfax Stars Maroon
JS Devils
17. TTown Ballerz
18. Abyssian Church
19. Albany Dream Team
20. Team Thoroughbreed
21. NJ Got Game
22. Team Rebels

2. Gauchos
3. Lloyd Daniels Rebels
4. Team Scan
5. NY Panthers
6. F.A.C.E.S.
7. DC Assault (Gorham)
8. Boston Spartans
9. Flash Basketball
10. CT Elite
11. Fairfax Stars
12. TTown Ballerz

13. Team Elite
SI Ironmen


2. Playtime Panthers
3. TTown Ballerz
4. Team Nelson
5. VCB
6. JSL Hoops
7. Delaware Talent

2. Fastbreak Basketball
3. Riverside Hawks
4. TTown Ballerz
5. Natural Ballers
6. Platime Panthers
7. Delaware Royalty